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Why Are Dance Shoes So Important?

Why Are Dance Shoes So Important?

How many times did you ask yourself 'Are dance shoes really that important?' or 'Do I really have to spend money on dance shoes even though I already have some sport shoes I can use?'

Although it is possible to dance in street shoes, once you have danced in ballroom shoes, you will never go back! The main problem with street shoes is the rubber sole - rubber tends to stick to the wooden floor and make turning, and even stepping correctly, more difficult.

The beauty of the ballroom shoe is its lightness, its flexibility and the comfort that the fine materials provide for the foot. A proper dance shoe will give you just the right amount of traction to move around the floor and practice your dance skills without having to think about your shoes. The sole is thin enough to feel the floor but padded enough to make hours of dancing enjoyable and pain-free. When you advance to a higher level of ballroom technique, you will understand what it means to become connected to the floor. This connection cannot be achieved without proper shoes.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to maintainance of your dance shoes, such as:

  • Don’t wear your ballroom dance shoes on the street. Rough surfaces , water and dirt will wear them out quickly.
  • Carry them in a bag and put them on when you get to class or to the ballroom.
  • Proper care of the suede soles is important. Be sure to brush them regularly to remove any dirt or wax buildup, which will cause the soles to wear faster. The helpful BD Dance wooden shoe brush with leather cover can help you keep your soles in perfect condition!

If you’re planning to purchase a new pair of dance shoes but you’re undecided, here are some guidelines that might help you pick the right style for you:

  • Latin shoes are very distinct from ballroom shoes. For example, a latin shoe for a woman will be open-toed and have a higher heel (style 2376 or style 217). Men’s latin shoes also have a higher heel. The higher heel is designed to help the dancer keep their weight forward and utilize the ball of the foot, which is essential for latin styles (style 467 or style 457). 

Ladies Latin ShoesMens Latin Shoes

  • Ballroom shoes are close-toed and normally have a much shorter heel for both ladies (style 137) and gentlemen (style 309). This allows the dancer to use more the heel of the foot and maintain the weight slightly back.

Mens Ballroom Shoes

Keep in mind that you should look for a fit that is snug and hugs your foot, but is not too tight. Shoes that are too tight can cause blisters; those that are too loose can make you trip.

For Latin sandals, the woman’s toe should be as close as possible to the front of the shoe. Some women prefer to have their toes extend or hang over the edge of the shoe so that they can point their toes more easily and feel the floor.

Regardless of the choice you make, rest assured - the quality of the BD Dance Shoes is unquestionable and the shoes you purchase will last and take you to the top!

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